Senska is a well equipped and resourceful software solution provider.

Our staff of Software Consultants, Project Managers, Graphic Designers, Database Analysts and Programmers who are experts in commissioning attractice and effective software and web applications, enable us at Senska to be strategically positioned to offer our clients unparalleled business solutions.

Offshore IT Staff

Senska can offer your web application development company an avenue for expansion and increased efficiency though our 'Offshore IT' staffing programme. This programme could reduce your costs by upto 75%, without compromising the quality of your web based solutions. Your hired offshore IT staff are capable of attending to the areas of product development and maintenance, systems integration, and e-business services, among others. Our developers are practically your own staff as avenues of communication are ever present to manage them directly, while we continue to facilitate them.

For more information regarding our 'Offshore IT' staffing programme please contact us.